About us

RFspin Ltd. was founded in 2003 and it has become a prominent company in developing and selling antennas, which have found their place around the world. Chiefly it is specialized in measurement antennas, which are being used in measurement systems in prestigious research and development centers from universities through industry and military as far as space agencies. Not only does RFspin provide first-class measurement antennas, but we can also offer expertise in specialized design and support of measurement and communication systems including RF/IF microwave components such as switches, dividers, pre-amplifiers, hybrids, and more.

Thank to our close relationship with academics, RFspin’s long-standing cooperation with the university’s young engineers gives us the best combination of experience and innovation.

RFspin is extremely open to cooperating with other companies and universities, believing that when we all put our expertise together, we can accomplish so much more.